TTTV Tucklesholme Nature Reserve inspired Self led trek

01 June 2023, 08:00 (Add to calendar)

Transforming the Trent Valley's Wildchild Project has created a self led treks for families with young children. Our treks are a series of interesting and fun activities, based on the natural and unique features of our nature reserves and green spaces. As you walk round the site, the activities will change a casual walk into an adventure! The treks can become a part of your regular visits or perhaps introduce you to a new site. As they are self led and based on features, you can visit whenever it suits you!

Once the trek is downloaded you can visit the site when best fits your schedule. You do not need to attend on the start date above.

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Request a Tucklesholme inspired Trek

Bring this trek booklet with you on your local walk and spot natural features similar to those found on our Tucklesholme Nature Reserve.
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