Home Ed Wildskills @ The Wolseley Centre 24/5

24 May 2022, 10:30 - 12:30 (Add to calendar)

Welcome to our brand new home education sessions. These sessions follow the Forest School ethos to develop learning through play and be child-led. The sessions aim to provide children and their parents the opportunity to connect with the outside world and to learn a range of new skills. Activities may include fire lighting, tool use, shelter building, wildlife identification and a variety of outdoor crafts and games. Come and give it a go!

Parents are required for the duration of the session but are encouraged to take a step back.

Due to the nature of these activities theevents are aimed at children aged 6 plus but younger siblings are welcome toattend and we have smaller group sizes. All our activities take place outdoorstherefore please dress for the weather.

Registration Types

Name Price Quantity

One child 6 years plus only

Price £7.50 Quantity

Younger sibling

Under 6's are allowed to attend alongside an older sibling
Price £7.50 Quantity